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Protects lives.
Rewards living.
Inspires life.

Get so much more than life insurance with YuLife. Group life insurance that engages, rewards and protects your people.

Insurance your employees will use and value every day

Everyday protection (for the mind and body)

Mental health support (EAP) & Online GP

Real-time employee health and wellbeing insights

Protecting Lives.

Rewarding Living

Inspiring Life

The Old Way - Traditional group life insurance

The New Way - YuLife group life insurance

Game-changing group life insurance features

Take a preventative approach to employee wellbeing with Group Life Insurance that rewards your employees for healthy behaviour

  • The YuLife app

    Incentivise your people. Your employees can earn YuCoin, our wellbeing currency, for completing wellness challenges like taking a 10 minute walk or completing a 5 minute meditation session.

  • Employee rewards

    Reward healthy habits. Reward small behaviour change that makes a big difference. Collecting our YuCoin currency gives your employees rewards from partners like Amazon, Asos, Avios, M&S and many more!

  • EAP support

    Mental health support. Support employees with work, relationship or financial issues via our 24/7 employee assistance program that includes life coaching and help with bereavement.

  • HR Insights

    Show measurable change. Demonstrate program engagement with simple-to-use dashboards that show improvements in mental and physical wellbeing.

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