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Business Health Institute

Counterbalancing stress & burnout in the workplace

We take a human approach to your people performance

The Business Health Institute uses behavioural intelligence and technology to support the health of your people and your business.

Measure stress and burnout risk

Real time workplace analytic reports. Bringing the human factor and work place functioning to the Board Room.

Identify underlying factors behind workplace stress

Intervene only on risk factors that have the largest impact on critical outcomes.  Customised interventions – one size does not fit all.  Help individuals at risk of stress and related ill health.

Customise solutions to your people and business

As a small team of experts we offer a flexible and personal service that works for your business; and we have partnered with some of the best, and most rigorously tested data capture providers in the market place.

Why tackling stress is important

  • 76%

    Of employees experience burnout throughout their career¹. It’s a common myth that simply reducing hours will solve employee burnout, learn the real causes of burnout and what your company can do.

  • 63%

    More likely to take a sick day – The Gallup analysis shows that employees who frequently experience burnout are 63% more likely to take a sick day² and 23% more likely to use medical services³.

  • 5 factors

    That correlate most highly with employee burnout in Gallup study⁴:

    • Unfair treatment at work
    • Unmanageable workload
    • Unclear communication from managers
    • Lack of manager support
    • Unreasonable time pressure

Take control of workplace stress before it affects your business

Challenges for Business:
Burnout risk factors

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Statistics were taken from the following surveys and research studies.

Take workplace stress seriously

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