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You are in safe hands with Nugent Santé and Patient Advocate.

As COVID-19 continues to impact the UK, we want to reassure businesses that help is available. We have partnered with Patient Advocate to support your team and help alleviate some of the pressures on the NHS.

Providing reassurance and guidance

Patient Advocate Coronavirus Helpline

About this service

Delivered by experienced nurses

This service is delivered by a team of highly experienced, trained nurses who are skilled in telephone consultation, with the support of Senior nurse management and Patient Advocate’s Chief Medical Officer. Current operational hours are 08.00 am to 08.00 pm.

Giving support to your employees

The team can answer questions about Covid-19 symptoms, self-isolation and management of underlying medical conditions and how these may be impacted by Coronavirus, providing reassurance and guidance, whilst actively signposting to additional support services.

Give your employees all they need

Patient Advocate Coronavirus Online Tool

About this service


Communicate your corporate messages, policies, guidance and support to all your employees wherever they are – always to hand on their mobile devices. Multilingual and automatically updated.


Personal symptom tracker for employees to update every day, add any symptoms and see their personal trends.


See when your employees are recovering with real time symptom trends across• Judge when it’s the right time to reopen for business with real time reports and analytics.

For your employees

Get the information you need

  • All the latest information from your Government and local healthcare system
  • Always available on mobile devices (even if you lose Internet connection)
  • Automatic updates
  • Automatic alert on mobile devices when information changes

Get the help you need

  • One tap to call the Patient Advocate Nurse Helpline (if enabled) 24 hour, English speaking
  • One tap to local Emergency Services

Track your personal progress

  • Personal symptom tracker
  • Update every day
  • Add any symptoms
  • See your personal trends

How am I doing

  • See how you compare with others
  • See where you are as the pandemic evolves

For your company

Keep your employees in the know

  • See it in real-time
  • Automatic updates
  • Automatic alert on mobile device when updated

Personalise our Coronavirus web portal

  • Add your own company guidance and policies
  • Any change automatically updated on the app
  • Only goes to your employees
  • Automatic alert on mobile device when updated
  • All employees kept fully informed

Be first to know

  • When your employees are recovering
  • When to reopen for business, subject to local government policy
  • See real time reports and analytics
  • See real time symptom trends across your employees

Stay in touch with your employees

  • Add your own messages and update
  • Just to your own employees
  • Automatically sent to the app
  • Automatic alert on the mobile device to read

Who are patient advocate

Giving employers and individuals greater healthcare choices.

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