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Mental Health

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Manage workplace stress & mental health with Mente


The number of workers who say their employer isn’t doing enough for mental health.¹

£45 billion

The total cost of poor mental health to UK employers every year.²


The total number of working days lost in the UK in one year due to stress, depression or anxiety.³

5.2 : 1

The average ROI of implemnting an employee mental health programme like Mente.⁴

Support mental health in your workplace

Why it’s important

Everything your business needs to tackle mental health

Every employee in your organisation will receive access to their own private online platform, with management having access to additional tools, a comprehensive reporting engine, and a dedicated advisor.

Risk assessments for managing employee health

Mente’s risk assessment tool allows you to audit the areas of your workplace that might be a risk to your employees and the business – whether your employees work remotely, or in house.

Employee feedback tool

You can view anonymous reports of the feedback that your employees have given you about workplace practices affecting their mental health.

Mental Health Training

Employees will have access to a range of CPD accredited mental health courses. There are a number of different bite-sized courses that will help them to understand mental health.

Absence calculator

Manage sickness and calculate costs within the platform to see how much physical and mental health is costing the business

Employee progress

See how your employees are progressing mentally, monitor their progress over time and know when to take action.

Access to professional services

Mente customers get access to qualified and registered mental health professionals, you’ll only ever be a phone call away from the help and assistance you need in even the most challenging situations.

It‘s no longer a question of whether you can afford to implement a mental and physical health safety strategy, it’s now a question of whether you can afford not to.

- Mente

Mente are the tried, tested and trusted mental health service


Statistics were taken from the following surveys and research studies.

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