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Access the right care, at the right time, in the right place.

Your case manager will work with you, understanding your needs and helping you to find the best solution.

Get your employees back to work faster with early interaction and expedited treatment

Helping to reduce absence from work, improve understanding of health issues and help make informed choices about treatment and care, both in the short and long term.

Navigation of the complex NHS system, by fully qualified and experienced staff

A personal case manager will work alongside the individual to understand their needs and circumstances and guide them through the healthcare system, helping them to have a better experience of healthcare and understand how to self-manage in the longer term.

Access to dedicated nurse case manager for personalised support

Your people can get advice, guidance and support from our nurses, helping them understand the issues and how to get back to their best health as quickly as they can. Keep your staff in the know, with fewer working days lost and an enhanced network of care and support for all conditions, short and long term.

Thinking differently about healthcare choices.

Putting the patient first for employers that care.

Patient Advocate Care

Patient Advocate Extra Care

Enjoy life in good health

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