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As a result of longer wait times to visit a doctor, an increasing number of insurers have established online medical services for appointments and video consultations. If necessary the online doctor can refer you to a specialist and provide prescriptions. You can book an appointment easily and you will have the choice of either a video or telephone appointment.

Please check with your insurer to see if this is something you have access to.



If your GP refers you to a specialist, make them aware that you have Private Medical Insurance. Once your GP provides you with a referral*, you must then contact your insurer to pre-authorise treatment.

Please remember that you must always pre-authorise all treatment with your insurer prior to attending any Specialist appointments or receiving treatment.

* See below for the different types of referrals



Before you see your chosen specialist you must obtain authorisation from your insurer. When you call them, be sure to have your policy number to hand. They will also ask you about the condition you are suffering from, details of your symptoms and when they first began, details of when you visited your GP and details of any treatment that has been recommended. Your insurer will confirm if you are covered and if so, they will provide you with an authorisation number. You’ll need to take a note of the authorisation number to your appointment.



If you require any further treatment it is important to keep your insurer updated to confirm that any additional treatment is covered. Your insurer may provide you with an additional authorisation code.

Self Referral

GP Named Referral

Open Referral

Insurer Selected Referral